Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Writers' Happy Hour every Tuesday night!

For those times when you no longer have class to get you to write and submit for publication, every week there's Writers' Happy Hour!

At first, I thought of calling it PubDates (you and me together for one night every week).  I decided on Writers' Happy Hour.  I was then informed that we have GLaaS Happy Hour sometimes, so I figure we can refer to this particular weekly activity as WHH (pronounced Whuh?).

What are the details?

* Tuesday Nights (when Hamline is open)
* Hamline University Library
* 6 - 7 PM
* Second Floor (next to the main stairs near the end of the magazine alphabet)
* Look for the sign.
* We're saving a place for you . . .

What is the WHH?

Maybe you want to get published, but you need some help.  WHH is there to potentially offer the following services:
  • an encouraging hand of support.  
  • a swift kick in the rear and someone to keep you accountable about your submissions.  
  • a critique partner.  
  • 60 minutes a week to just write.  
  • a regular time to research/read all the journals and literary magazines out there.
Browse the literary journals, trade suggestions, get advice, or head upstairs to the quiet study floor for an hour of solid writing.  Whether you want support or a challenge or someone to keep score with, GLaaS is here for you.  Waiting.  So lonely . . .

Kimberly Eridon is the contact person for this ongoing event, and you can reach her at kaendermiles@gmail.com.

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