Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poetry Book Club

GLaaS is hosting a Poetry Book Club on the last Tuesday of each month from 7:30-9pm at Jean Larson's house.  

This is an incentive for graduates interested in poetry to read a whole book of poems and come up with
  • questions
  • insights
  • what works
  • what doesn’t work
  • favorite moments 
Then you get to discuss all this with other alumni!  It's like class, only without the grading.

You can sit back, engage, read part, read all. Come monthly, come sometimes. Flexible and low key.  Unless someone decides to raise a ruckus!  You know how poetry can affect some of us . . .  

This spring the group will meet on January 26, February 23, March 23, and April 30. Stay tuned for next month's book 

P.S. If you'd be interested in hosting another kind of book club, do let us know

Writers' Happy Hour every Tuesday night!

For those times when you no longer have class to get you to write and submit for publication, every week there's Writers' Happy Hour!

At first, I thought of calling it PubDates (you and me together for one night every week).  I decided on Writers' Happy Hour.  I was then informed that we have GLaaS Happy Hour sometimes, so I figure we can refer to this particular weekly activity as WHH (pronounced Whuh?).

What are the details?

* Tuesday Nights (when Hamline is open)
* Hamline University Library
* 6 - 7 PM
* Second Floor (next to the main stairs near the end of the magazine alphabet)
* Look for the sign.
* We're saving a place for you . . .

What is the WHH?

Maybe you want to get published, but you need some help.  WHH is there to potentially offer the following services:
  • an encouraging hand of support.  
  • a swift kick in the rear and someone to keep you accountable about your submissions.  
  • a critique partner.  
  • 60 minutes a week to just write.  
  • a regular time to research/read all the journals and literary magazines out there.
Browse the literary journals, trade suggestions, get advice, or head upstairs to the quiet study floor for an hour of solid writing.  Whether you want support or a challenge or someone to keep score with, GLaaS is here for you.  Waiting.  So lonely . . .

Kimberly Eridon is the contact person for this ongoing event, and you can reach her at kaendermiles@gmail.com.

Read anything great online about writing or thinking?

If you stumble on a great website for writers, thinkers, artists, etc., please pass the wealth along.  Just email us a brief paragraph and a link to the content (website, blog post, online article, or whatever), and we'll pass it on to your fellow alumni.

Have you witnessed an incredible event?

If you've been to an event in the Twin Cities area that knocked your socks off, we'd love to read your thoughts on the experience.  Be it that wonderful Pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the MIA last year or a particularly energetic Barbaric Yawp reading, we'd like to hear about it.

Just email us, and tell us where and when and why it inspired you to read or write or create in some other way.  Let us know if it was a one-time thing, part of a series, or an ongoing exhibit (please provide the closing date).  If there's a website, please include it.

And if there's some event you are waiting for with bated breath, feel free to send that to us, too.  We'll post that you're anticipating it, and maybe you can find some like-minded folks to talk to in the comments section.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Did you get something published?

Tell us all about it. :)  We want to rejoice with you (and check it out at the library or buy it at a book store)!

Please email us and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your graduation year
  • Name of publication
  • Issue/volume
  • Name of your piece
  • Kind/genre(s) of piece
  • Tell us about your piece
  • Tell us how you got it published
  • What advice from this particular process you would like to pass on

Can't wait to hear from you.

- GLaaS

What is GLaaS up to?

We'll talk about our (usually upcoming) events, so you can get them on your calendar.  We'll ask for help if we need it, talk about our planning meetings, and generally keep you updated about our activities (so you can come to them). We sure do like spending time with you.

We want to serve as both a social network and a resource to help you keep reading, writing, and thinking even though you've graduated (and maybe moved far away).

We can't wait to see you again!  Until then, please stay in touch.  :)


Do you have an organization we should know about?

We're interested in finding out what our alumni are up to.  If you've started an organization (charity, literary magazine, theater company, reading series, etc.) or are a part of one that you think we'd be interested in finding out about, supporting, or joining, do share.

Email us, so we can post a profile of your organization.  Please include the following information:
  • Your name
  • Grad year
  • Organization name
  • What your organization does
  • How you got involved
  • How others can get involved
  • Org website and email/contact info
We hope to hear from you soon.  :)

Are you doing a reading or performance in the Twin Cities area?

Share the details with us; we're all ears!

Email us the info and any links (and your name and grad year), and we'll post a blog entry about them.

Are there any authors you love?

You know how sometimes you find an author you love?  You can't talk about the author and his/her works enough.  You wish everyone you knew would read that author's work, and then talk with you for hours about the author (or at least love that author as much as you do, if that's even possible).

We would love to hear about that author (or those authors) from you.  What elements of their craft send shivers down your spine?  Which of their characters do you have literary crushes on?  What settings do they bring to life so vibrantly you want to visit them?   Feel free to wax as eloquent as you want.  Any author is fair game, any genre, any age range.

Email us your passionate musings, and be sure to send some links to the author's home or fan pages, if you have any.

Future Fans of Your Favorite Authors

Heard any great music lately?

Do you have a (list of) musician(s) you wish more people listened to? A song or an album that inspired you to write for some reason?  Do share.

Watched a great movie or TV show lately?

Did it have great writing or a really engaging plot or well-crafted characters?  Did it make you want to write?

We'd sure love to hear about it.

Do let us know.

- GLaaS

Do you have a list of books you love?

We would love to hear about 10 books you've loved lately.  It could be a simple list or an annotated list.  It doesn't have to contain your favorite literary classics.  It could be guilty pleasure reads, books you wish more people had read, your favorite childrens' books, or any kind of mixture.  Be creative.  You're welcome to submit more than one list, too.

(If your list has a few more or less than 10, we don't mind.)

Be sure to give your list a title and include authors.

Your Fellow Alumni

Do you want to be in the Alumni Spotlight?


What have you been up to lately?  We'd love to know.  Feel free to tell us.

Be sure to include things like your name and the years you were in the program.  We'd also be interested in knowing why you chose Hamline's GLS program.  Really, we just want to know anything you want to tell us.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Do you blog?

Do you have a blog?  Do you want more people to read your blog?  Do you want intelligent and interesting people to read your blog and comment on it?  Are you looking for blogs to read?   

GLaaS is here for you.  Not only do we want to post a link to your blog on our blogroll, but we also want to give you a chance to tell other alumni all about your blog.  If you'd like us to post a profile of your blog, please email us with the following information, and watch for a blog post about you coming soon!

Name of your blog: My Awesome Blog
Link to your blog: myawesomeblog@blogspot.bloop  
What your blog is about: A paragraph or two or a list or something telling what your blog talks about.  Be as creative as you want.
Your name (if you're not blogging anonymously): Chris Shmoe
Years you were in the program (and year you graduated from Hamline): 1996-2000 ('00 grad)
When you started blogging: month year
Why you blog: If you want to talk about what made you start writing your blog, please feel free.
Who your intended audience is: If you have one, please let us know who it is and how you target it.
What blogs you like to read:
Advice to or question for bloggers: If you have a piece of advice to share or a question to ask other GLS alumni bloggers, please do.