Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do you blog?

Do you have a blog?  Do you want more people to read your blog?  Do you want intelligent and interesting people to read your blog and comment on it?  Are you looking for blogs to read?   

GLaaS is here for you.  Not only do we want to post a link to your blog on our blogroll, but we also want to give you a chance to tell other alumni all about your blog.  If you'd like us to post a profile of your blog, please email us with the following information, and watch for a blog post about you coming soon!

Name of your blog: My Awesome Blog
Link to your blog: myawesomeblog@blogspot.bloop  
What your blog is about: A paragraph or two or a list or something telling what your blog talks about.  Be as creative as you want.
Your name (if you're not blogging anonymously): Chris Shmoe
Years you were in the program (and year you graduated from Hamline): 1996-2000 ('00 grad)
When you started blogging: month year
Why you blog: If you want to talk about what made you start writing your blog, please feel free.
Who your intended audience is: If you have one, please let us know who it is and how you target it.
What blogs you like to read:
Advice to or question for bloggers: If you have a piece of advice to share or a question to ask other GLS alumni bloggers, please do.

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