Friday, July 22, 2011

Check out Alison Holland's blog: Not Your Church Cookbook

Name of your blog: Not Your Church Cookbook

What your blog is about: It's a journal of food and faith by a vegetarian with somewhat Unitarian Universalist views living in a rural Minnesota town with few vegetarians and perhaps even fewer Unitarians.

Your name (if you're not blogging anonymously): Alison Anderson Holland

Years you were in the program (year you graduated from Hamline): 2006-2009 ('09)

When you started blogging: May 2011

Why you blog: I started blogging to get myself writing again.  Since the completion of my MALS degree, I haven't found/made the time to write much.  This was my solution.

Who your intended audience is: Those interested in reading about vegetarian cooking, a faith journey, and its relation to raising kids and relating to family and friends in a rural Minnesota town.  While I often talk about my family, I don't aim to be a "mommy blogger."  When I mention my kids, I relate it back to food and/or faith. 

Blogs you like to read: I read a lot of blogs.  That's one reason I was prompted to do this.  The Chaos Chronicles, On BeingSpousonomics, and Dinner: A Love Story are a few of my favorites.

Advice to or question for bloggers: Don't be shy about sharing your work with friends.  They'll no doubt encourage you.  I am a true introverted Minnesotan, but once I got up the courage to begin posting links on my Facebook page, I was amazed by the positive response my friends expressed.

PS: I also began writing a blog for work (December 2010) on the latest news, events, and issues in (rural) regional healthcare:

Thank you for this opportunity to share my new blog(s)!

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