Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Come to our GLAAS-TIC Mini-Writing Retreat!


Line to Line: A GLAAS-TIC Mini-Writing Retreat in response to Tim Carroll

April 9th

Please join GLAAS and TIC at the Soap Factory as Tim Carroll performs-draws his new installation for the entire afternoon. We plan to be there dressed in our warmest clothes (the Soap Factory is not heated) and writing new stuff using Tim's artwork to inspire us (we may get him to talk to us, too, but he has to keep drawing at the same time).


We'll head to a room at Wilde Roast where we can recharge, revise, and read work to each other. It'll be a great way push the boundaries of our writing, build community, and hear each other's voices.

(There is no charge but we strongly suggest buying at least a cup of coffee at Wilde Roast.)

Please let us know you're coming by April 7th. See you there!

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