Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check out alumni blog: KunstKitchen

Name of your blog: KunstKitchen

Link to your blog:

What your blog is about: Sharing cooking, dining and eating Slow food, as opposed to fast food. Recipes and humorous antidotes for a post modern really fast world.

Your name (if you're not blogging anonymously): Catherine Katt

Years you were in the program (and year you graduated from Hamline): 2000-2006 ('06)

When you started blogging: June 2010

Why you blog: Blogging to make the connection between food as the source and art as the spiritual source.  Inspired by my niece who is a culinary writer. She likes what I write.

Who your intended audience is: Anyone interested in the Slow Food movement and real food.

What blogs you like to read: My friends' blogs.

Advice to or question for bloggers: "Just do it."

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