Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alumni Spotlight on Aaron Wilson ('08)

In the last couple of months, Aaron M. Wilson (class of 2008) has started to succeed in finding a home for a few of his stories. He's placed stories both online and in traditional print media: most notably in Twin Cities: Cifiscape Vol. I (late August 2010) and The Last Man Anthology (which includes stories from Barry N. Malzberg, C.J Cherryh, and Ray Bradbury, and is available to pre-order). He was also awarded the June author spotlight in the third issue of eFiction Magazine that included an interview and publication of three of his stories.

He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he attempts to understand life, others (including his two cats – one good and one bad), himself, and especially his wife – in that order. He writes about books, stories, movies, and his experiences as an adjunct instructor of English, Literature, and Environmental Science on his blog: Soulless Machine.

Here is what Aaron has been up since April 2010:

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Aaron M. Wilson said...

Ah, the internet, where things change so quickly. Here are the updated links for the above stories. enjoy!

Sword and Saga Press -
Pre-order -

The Hive Mind -
“Beyond Peaking” -
“The Methuselah Project” -