Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Calling all Terry Tempest Williams fans

Wow.  Finding Beauty in a Broken World is exciting to read.  I'm captivated by the unusual formatting, the careful structure/form, and the fascinating content.  I admit a bias toward mosaic, mixed-genre, creatively-formatted forms, but I think this book would draw most any serious reader into its meticulously and seemingly-effortlessly crafted world of beauty and disaster.

I've read a couple of Williams' essays, too, and I'm wondering if you have a favorite you could recommend.  Which of her books do you love most?  Which articles?  Which essays?  If you have any suggestions to share in this week before she comes to visit Hamline (someone pinch me), please do. 

And don't forget all of her events on campus; this is a rare chance.  :)

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